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Celebrate Owney in Your Community

Owney postage stamp  

Owney traveled the country on mail trains in the 1890s.

In 2010, he got the great honor of being put on a postage stamp!

Whether you are a postmaster, part of a stamp club, or scout leader, you can help kids get into the fun by planning an Owney celebration in your community. This page will help you do it!

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Owney illustration

Celebrate Owney in Your Community: Activity Guide (PDF)
This packet provides activity guides, printable materials, a fact sheet, and ideas to make your Owney celebration extra special.
(Download Adobe® Acrobat® PDF Reader®)
Safe Travels, Owney!

Lesson Plan: Safe Travels, Owney!
Educators, follow this fun lesson plan with your students! They’ll write and design their own postcards and fashion a brand new tag for Owney’s signature jacket! The students are sure to give Owney something to wag about.
Owney the Railway Dog

“Owney The Railway Dog” Presentation
Want to share Owney's story with a group of kids or adults? Use this short presentation to tell the dog's story in words and pictures. Download the PDF (.pdf) or PowerPoint (.pptx).
Owney tag

Owney Images You Can Use
These historic images of Owney and his tags are for your use. Please include credit line, "Image courtesy of the National Postal Museum."
Owney the dog

Learn More about Owney
He was a small dog but he had a big story. Learn more about Owney’s travels, friends, and tags.
Owney illustration

Talk to Owney: Facebook
“Like” Owney on Facebook to get updates as well as fun facts about stamps, mail, and the Railway Mail Service. Ask Owney a question or just say hi.
Young Owney

Talk to Owney: Twitter
Owney may type with his paws, but he sure is fast. Follow Owney on Twitter for short, timely updates on all things train-related.

Owney the dog in museum preservation office
What’s New with Owney?
Read blog posts about Owney’s history, conservation treatment, postage stamp, exhibit, and more!
Owney the dog with lookalike clerk   Story of Owney Video
Railway mail clerks considered the dog Owney a good luck charm. The Railway mail clerks adopted Owney as their unofficial mascot, marking his travels by placing medals and tags on his collar. Each time Owney returned home to Albany, the clerks there saved the tags.
Download Video (37MB, Windows Media Video file) »

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